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Pure aluminum CCR line

Release TIme:2019-03-22


By means of continuous casting & rolling, this line works to produce oil-free conductive aluminum rod in a diameter Ø9.5mm 、Ø12mm.

Brief Process flow:

Ordinary aluminum ingot and scrap →Melting furnace→ holding furnace→  4-wheel continuous casting machine → front drive unit → roller shears→ continuous rolling mill → cooling & lubricating device for aluminum rod → twin-basket continuous coiler→ oil-free aluminum rod

Molten aluminum or prepared aluminum melt flows from the holding furnace into the 4-wheel casting machine via the launder and is casted into trapzoid-shaped bar in a cross-sectional area of 2400mm2. Then Cut off the bar which does not meet the technical requirements with the roller shears, press the front end and feed it into the rolling mill. After milling is completed, the rod will be coiled into the basket.


Diameter of aluminum rod 
Φ9.5mm or Φ12mm
Production capacity
Overall dimension
32.05×7.2×4.2 meters (not including furnace)
Total weight 
65 tons (not including furnace)
Total installed power
400kW (not including power for furnace)


                                                                                         Photo 1: Caster

Photo 2: Caster

Photo 3: Cooling & lubrication system for aluminum rod

Photo 4: Coiler