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Online Cement element analyzer Online Cement element analyzer

Online Cement Elemental Analyzer

Release TIme:2019-03-26

Product Overview

Elemental Analyzer(EA) features one cross-belt type online detecting device for cement materials. It is mainly for online detection of element (compositions) contents during limestone batching, raw mix. EA is a modular structure and can be installed around a belt without the necessity to cut it. when EA operates, the belt slides through the internal supporting tank of the measuring unit and then 

EA measures all the materials passing by. During the whole detection process, no material is contacted and there is no influence on belt operation.

when using EA, the measuring results are given once every minute, with the contents of each element and related quality control parameters being analyzed accurately. Effective control over the production process can be made according to the real-time detecting information from the analyzer to improve the production process, reduce the production cost and improve the product quality.

Operating Principle

EA adopts prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology. A fast neutron with an average energy of 2.35MeV is released from a neutron source. The fast neutron is moderated into thermal neutron by the measuring device, and the thermal neutron irradiates the material and occurs thermal neutron capture reaction with all elements in the material, emitting different gamma rays with different energy and intensity. By testing the energy in characteristic gamma rays, the element categories in the materials can be 

distinguished, and by tesing the intensity of gamma rays with specific energy, the content of elements can be got.

When the detector receives gamma rays, pulsed light will occur, which will generate electric pulse after entering into the photoelectric multiplier. The electric pulse is magnified by electronic signal processing parts and converted through ADC, and then recombined gamma ray energy spectrum is generated. Afterwards, the element (components) of such energy spectrum cna be disclosed by microprocessor and advanced analysis software.

Product Composition 

EA consists of such five parts as measuring unit, neutron source,detector, signal processing cabinet and host computer.

1.Measuring unit

Measuring unit is of modular frame structure, including key parts supporting the prompt gamma neutron activation (PGNA) reaction 

during the measuring process. At the same time, it forms radiation protection against rays, so that the surrounding radiation dose meets the safety standards in GSR Part 3 which  stipulated by IAEA, ensures the health and safety of working personnel.

2. Neutron source

Adopt 252Cf neutron source as excitation source. Radioactive material is totally sealed within double layers SS enclosure. The 

source is put into the sealed source housing from sideway and is locked outside to keep it safe. The half-time of 252Cf  is 2.6 years. After the half-life, new neutron source core should be supplemented to reach initial source intensity.


Detector is used to receive characteristic gamma rays emmited from materials and turned it into eletric signal. The signal is transmitted to signal processing cabinet through cable.

4.Signal processing cabinet 

Signal processing cabinet adopts SS leak-proof structure to protect in -house facilities, it is dust-proof, moisture-proof and water-proof.

The signal processing cabinet  contains peripheral equipment and detector signal receiving equipment that ensure the stable operation of the detector. And then the received analog signals is converted into digital signals and uploads them to the host.

Cable is used to connect signal processing cabinet and detector, optical fiber is used to connect signal processing cabinet and

host computer

5.Host computer

Host computer consists of hardware and software, mainly acquires and analyzes digital signals from signal processing cabinet,

calculates the contents of element and related qulity control parameters, so as to direct  and control cement production.

The hardware is a computer and the computer is equipped with data trnamission interfaces. One interface exchanges data with

the factory control system vio OPC communication, and the other interface provides remote technical services via the Internet

(provided by the factory).

By using optimized analysis algorithm, the software can analyze complicated gamma energy spectrum, it presents the measuring 

results once every minute, real-time dispaly and provide multiple ways to query historical data.

Performance Parameters  

Applicative conveyor(mm)







Analyzer length(mm)*







Analyzer width(mm)*







Analyzer height(mm)*














Angle of support groove


Neutron source

15~60μg Cf-252

Signal processing cabinet

Protection class: IP66 Dimension: 1100×770×300mm

Working temperature


Power supply

~230V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz, 6.5A, 3-wire (LNPE)

Measuring principle

Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) technology

Analysis time

The shortest time is 1 minute, settable by user

Analysis element

Si, Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, K, Na, S, Cl, Mn, P, Zn, N, etc.

Calculate quality parameters

LSF, KH, SM, IM, C3S, C2S, C3A, C4AF, Alkalinity and etc.

*Size and Weight should be determined according to the application site 

Product Characteristic 

Comprehensiveness:Measuring all the materials passing by, with strong representativeness;

Fastness:Giving composition data once per minute;

Effectiveness:Providing key parameter data for production, so as to make effective control;